Find out what the most important people, our patients, think of our services.

Our testimonials are taken from actual patient reviews. We are very proud to have received such positive feedback.


Visit to the Hygienist

5/7/2016 – J Marshall “said he would be more than happy to refer patients to us and that Lizzy has the gentlest hygienist technique in all his time of visiting the hygienist”


Tooth Extraction

6/7/2016 – L Washington said his wife was singing Chris’s praises following an extraction. She previously had a bad experience so was dreading the extraction appointment but he has helped her get over that experience.


Absolutely Amazing

5/9/2016 – Chris was amazing last week with my root filling. I think I may have even cured my fear of the dentist. It was lovely receiving a phone call checking that I was ok the day after thank you


Patient First

10/1/2017 – We saw Mo for a check up with my family. Really impressed with how friendly and at ease he made us all feel.


Best dentist and dental practice ever!

13/10/2016 – My dentist is possibly the best dentist I have ever seen both from ability and their fantastic people skills. I was made to feel comfortable in what were not simple procedures



Just have to say a very caring dentist who excels in reassuring their patients and gives excellent service, explains what they are doing every step of the way. The best dentist I have ever seen



The hygienist I currently see at this practice is the best I have ever known in 50 years of regularly attending a dental practice. I just wish I was able to mention them by name so that they may have full recognition but you know who you are and I thank you for being so very approachable, pleasant and informative without any loss of professionalism. I fully realise my teeth and gums are problematic but you are gentle and thorough in your treatment which encourages me to continue attending


Dentally Phobic

I’d been avoiding the dentist for years due to bad experiences. Then due to a gum infection I had to make an emergency appointment at Grants & Hanlon & Gardner. I have been a patient ever since. My dentist and hygienist/therapist is very reassuring and with acclimatisation has conquered my fears.

Pain free local anaesthetic!

I have recently had a filling on my tooth on the upper right. I was really anxious about the injection not really the actual drilling on the tooth.

But I was amazed to find that I didn’t even feel the injection, plus an added bonus was that my filling was carried out without using a drill.

The best dental experience that I have ever had. Thank You

Mrs M Hodges

Fantastic feedback from a emergency triage appointment

The both of them are very enthusiastic about their patients and there is a distinct but important human kindness to the way they approach the treatment, giving the patients all the necessary information and encouragement in a clearly laid out plan.

The advice is pragmatic and involved. It is a joy to meet genuinely lovely human beings who actually engender a desire to go and visit the dentist on a regular basis. I’m so glad that Grants Dental remains in the local community and with that experience I’m confident this will prosper for years to come.

Thank you Lizzy and Emma for your care and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Mr K