Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1

The journey began in April 2015 when Elizabeth Hudd had the honour of securing Ian Grant’s Dental Practice. Her vision was to guarantee the excellent reputation of this well-known established dental practice. Together, with her amazing team of staff, she has worked hard to expand services offered. The level of support the practice has received from Mr Grant’s patients has been phenomenal.

In April 2016, Grants Dental Practice formed an alliance with another well-established dental practice, Hanlon and Gardner, also on the High Street of Royal Wootton Basset. Both practices are well known by the local community for providing high quality, professional and caring dentistry.

This combination has enabled expansion of opening hours and further developments and improvements. The stair lift for ease of access for patients with mobility problems is the most obvious one.

Elizabeth has an outstanding dedicated team of staff. They have a shared vision to provide an exceptional high level of patient care and service All members are passionate about providing the best possible patient experience. Each patient has an individually tailored dental plan which has been discussed and explained with the patient. .

Have a look at our “meet the team” tab for more information.


New Clinicians

In January 2017 we welcomed Mohammed Sattar “Mo” to join our team. We congratulate Mo for his recently published article in the British Dental Journal.

Together with Chris Richards, our dentists provide the latest advances in high quality, empathetic, caring dental care.

Molly Hodgetts joined our team as a hygienist/therapist. She is passionate about the dental care she provides and has a natural aptitude for patient empowerment and approachability.


Now and to the future

Patient safety, care and first class treatment is at the heart of all we do. In order to achieve this we have invested in the latest technology.

Our new digital x-ray machine delivers instant high definition images to ensure efficient diagnosis.

Our state of the art computer system allows a comprehensive and effective appointment and patient reminder system

Our decontamination equipment in our central sterilisation area ensures the highest of standards of hygiene and complies with all legislation.

We have taken time to research the latest equipment and techniques that will give our patients the most comfortable dental experience as possible. This increases our patient’s confidence and so empowers them should treatment be required.

Pain prevention is essential. All our clinicians use a surface local anaesthetic prior to any local anaesthetic injection. We are also purchasing the latest computerised local anaesthetic system for the benefit of our anxious patients.

We want to make a visit to us as pleasant as possible. We specialise in helping nervous patients overcome their fears and so offer acclimatisation program appointments. This entails coming in to meet the team, have a chat and explanation of procedures, ask questions and explore non-drug forms of relaxation. By building a rapport we can help alleviate anxiety and build confidence. We will work at a pace to suit the patient.

We have just invested in an air abrasion system the Velopex Aquacut. It uses latest technology to deliver a comfortable, quick cleaning procedure by using a fine stream of fluid combined with a tiny volume of powder directed at all the teeth to be treated. Decay is then comfortably removed with minimal sensation, leaving healthy tooth undisturbed. This can be of great benefit to our anxious patients.

Families are always welcome and we encourage young children to meet us. Friendly advice and fun experience will give youngsters a great start to oral health, the importance of healthy eating habits and mouth care for life.

Another interesting addition and development to the services offered at the practice is the opportunity to identify risk of dental decay and periodontal disease with saliva testing. A saliva (or caries risk screening) test lets us spot when your saliva isn’t working properly and so predict dental decay as early as possible. By analysing the quantity and quality of your saliva, we can identify risk factors and draw up an individual treatment plan for your long-term dental health.

Your results are available immediately, and we’ll give these to you in writing, along with our recommendations for treatment and how you can help yourself.

In May 2017 we are looking forward to introducing minimally invasive orthodontic teeth straightening treatment.

As a team we want to do the very best for all our patients, whose interests are at the forefront of every decision. We welcome any suggestions or comments of how you would like the practice to develop.

On the 3rd of April 2017 we’re a year old. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support over the previous year and looking forward to the next.

Please keep in touch your support and interest is very much appreciated.